PageBot for Kindle 3 and Orby Switch

PageBot for Kindle 3 is now available from Origin Instruments for immediate delivery. A press release from Origin Instruments on July 26 2011 announced the availability of this new PageBot model and also announced new pricing for all PageBot models. PageBot for Kindle 3 and PageBot for Kindle 2 are priced at $279.95 US. PageBot for Kindle DX is priced at at $299.95 US.

PageBot for Kindle 3 combines a secure and adjustable mount, dual integrated actuators for the Kindle Next Page and Previous Page buttons, and a built-in intelligent drive circuit that can directly interface to a wide variety of adaptive switches. Many different types of adaptive switch are supported to suit the preferences and abilities of individual users. Standard mechanical adaptive switches with 3.5 mm microphone-style connectors can be plugged in directly. Dual switches, like the Origin Instruments Sip/Puff Switch, can interface with a single stereo cable.

Origin Instruments also announced a new button-style adaptive switch that can interface directly to PageBot and to many other types of switch-adapted devices. The Orby switch has a smooth contoured design that is 2.5-inches in diameter and is less than one-inch tall. Orby is a rugged and very reliable switch that provides clear audible and tactile feedback when pressed anywhere on its top surface. Available in both Cherry Red and Lemon Yellow, the Orby switch is priced at $34.95 US.

As a time-limited special offer, PageBot for Kindle orders from end customers placed directly with Origin Instruments will receive an Orby Switch at no additional cost through October 31, 2011.

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